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R.I.F.: Registro de Información Fiscal: Tax registration. You need this form to buy or sell Real Estate, can be obtained by you personally or by your representative with a duly notarized and registered Power of Attorney. Visit for more information.

Cell Phones: There are three major companies. You can bring your own telephone if it is not blocked by your provider. You will need your Passport to buy a SIM card. Visit, or

Bank accounts: You will be able to open a savings account with your passport, provided you have utility bills on your name and two to three personal references. There are more than 30 bank agencies on the island.

Taxis: Use a registered taxi which are everywhere: hotels, malls, etc. Check for the taxi sign, logo and a yellow number plate.

Electricity: 110 V, 60 Hz, though some appliacens such as tumble dryers, a/c's, are 220 V. You might need an adapter to plug in appliances brought from abroad.

We will be enhancing this information shortly