Margarita, mi Isla favorita !

Margarita is the last of the Chain of Caribbean islands that starts in Florida. Its location is priviledged not only beacuse its easy access and tropical sun all year round, but also because it is out of the hurricane zone.

Compared to other Caribbean islands, Margarita is 10 times larger than Aruba and 5 times smaller than Puerto Rico. It has the advantage of having all the necessary condtions needed to satisfy the expectaions of the one who is looking for the confort of a luxury hotel or the simplicity of a familiy lodging -all the fun and all the relaxation that the Tropic can offer.

Margarita really is made of two islands united by an isthmus and within its territory there is such a variety of ladscapes and scenery that would delight almost anyone. In the northern section you have the high mountain chain surrounded by lush vegetation along with cozy bays.

Instead, in the Macanao Peninsula, in the north-western part, prevails the arid and desertic landscapes that end up in secluded beaches with white sands and calm waters.

In the urban context there are also may contrasts. In cities like Porlamar there are modern apartment buildings, luxury shops and malls, instead all around the island there are small villages where you will find the simple and typical houses made of clay and palm, painted with brilliant colors and other rustic style constructions with well finished interiors.

Some cities like La Asunción (State Capital), Juan Griego, Pampatar and Santa Ana have historic small forts, castles and churches of the colonial period. Other towns in the north like Tacarigua, El Maco and San Juan are knownby their local crafts, while most of the coastside villages live upon the fishing activity.

Many miles of roads cross this multicolored scenery in which even its people are the result of a mix of races and cultures, mainly indian, black and European.

Even though its beaches are perfect for resting, Margarita is much more than that. Here you can play tennis or golf, or if you prefer higher emotions, you can fly in an ultralight plane, ride a horse or try to control the wind on a windsurf board.

More mundane activities are also available, because Margarita has so many duty free shops, a great number of restaurants, and a rich nightlife where you surely will find all the fun you are looking for.

Thanks to its strategic location, Margarita is also a great platform for accesing other extraordinary adventure zones. From here you will easily be able to visit in one or more days fascinating destinations like Canaima and Los Roques.